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Sunday school/Messy church & more!


October 1st, 2019. 


Messy Church is for people/families that don't come to church on Sunday, that have other commitments such as work and family that take them away from attending a regular scheduled service. It's also for everyone that is looking for spiritual guidance or would like their children to know more about God and His Son, Jesus, but are hesitant, afraid or feel intimidated to come to a Sunday service.

The 5 key points of Messy Church are:

  • hospitality
  • creativity
  • celebration
  • being all-age
  • being Christ-centered

Messy Church is a way of being church that is for all ages, on a day and at a time that suits families. It usually involves a welcome; a time of making things on a biblical theme; a celebration on the same theme with a story, song and prayer; and a meal around tables for everyone.


The easy answer is - at Norwich United Church. Messy Church is held in the lower hall of the church, with the opening activities and sign in starting in the parlour. You enter from the parking lot at the back of the church and immediately to your right is a small stairway and the entrance to the parlour (follow the noise - it's always a big clue!). Once everyone has gathered, we will lead you to the activities in the lower hall.


Messy Church is held once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 6:30 pm during the school year (October to June). We encourage everyone to arrive by 4:45 pm, but latecomers are still welcome. And if you have to leave early, that's okay too. Although we hope that you will stay and share the meal with us. (no tipping and we won't ask you to help with the dishes!).  We operate solely on donations and those marked will receive an donation receipt at the end of the year.  Thank you


Messy Church is about worshiping God, having fellowship, and exploring faith matters. Everyone is welcome, everyone can get involved, and everyone is valued. We are church - we are always there for the outsider. We do expect that kids under 12 are accompanied by an adult, older sibling or caregiver - someone who can be responsible for them.

High school age kids that are looking for volunteer hours can come and pitch in, we can always use extra hands. Just contact the church office to get started!


As we said before - ALL ARE WELCOME. We will do our best to accommodate any special needs that come to our attention.

Any other concerns, such as use of the elevator, can be addressed ahead of time simply by contacting the church office.

Sleeping Children Around the World

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"I like going to church and Sunday School to learn about God, but I don't like to go every week. I like the music. I like when I can help Gramma give out papers and then collect the envelopes. I like going downstairs to do the crafts. I also like when we have lunch after church."