Covid Reopening 

Re-Opening Day Tips:

What will it be like? What will happen? How will I know what to do?

We know that there are many questions about what to expect on that first day when we come together to worship in the Church building. The following has been developed to answer some of those "What do I do?" questions you may have.

These are a few questions that will be answered over the course of the weeks leading up to that exciting Sunday when we come together again to worship in our building. Of course, we will be posting the complete "Re-Opening Day Protocol" before our actual first worship day but we will also be posting a few of those protocols with the weekly e-announcements.

Should I bring a mask? 

Yes! Masks will be required to be worn by everyone. Exceptions of course will be made for medical reasons. We encourage everyone to bring their own masks but there will be a few spares available if you forget. Social distancing standards will also be in place.

Where do I go? 

You will be greeted at the door by someone who knows exactly what is happening. This person will be there to guide you and of course, record your contact information as required by Public Health. You will be directed from there.

We know there are many more questions to be answered and lots of considerations to be addressed before we all feel comfortable. This section has been created for that purpose. Be sure to check back weekly for each installment of "Re-Opening Day Tips" so we can all hit the road running on that special day!

Which door should I use?

We will only be using the front doors off Main Street. The doors will be held open for your safe entry and you will be met by someone who knows what to do. If you need to exit early or when people are coming into the church, that is no problem. Just speak to a member of the worship day team, and they will coordinate your safe exit.

What will I see when I arrive at the church?

You can expect to see markers at 6' intervals leading up to the entrance.  Those using the ramp will have the "right of way" into the church while those using the stairs will "yield" until the way is clear.  With these "traffic rules" in affect, we should be able to avoid any bottlenecks or traffic jams while getting into the building.

Will there be washroom facilities available?

Yes! The accessible bathroom to the left of the entryway will be available for our use while in the building. Disinfectant wipes and/or spray will be provided for us to wipe down any surfaces we touched so it will be ready for the next person. 

Remember, you will be greeted at the door by someone who knows exactly what is happening.  This person will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. 

Should I bring hand sanitizer or gloves?

We will have hand sanitizer for each person to use as they enter the building and again at the top of the stairs or elevator before going into the sanctuary. If you prefer to bring your own sanitizer, you may as we know some people do have reactions to some products. We will have a supply of gloves if sanitizer cannot be used. Of course, the banisters will be sanitized before the church building opens for worship.

We hope this has answered a few more of those re-opening day questions. We will be posting the entire "Re-Opening Day Protocol" before our actual first worship day but we will continue to post a few of those protocols here.