Fundraising for NUC


Sermon Snacks are available.  1). anonymous cash donation placed in the cookie jar OR cash or cheque in offering envelope (payable to Norwich United Church-Faithful Footprints) The focus of this fundraiser is to support the Faithful Footprints work at Norwich United Church.

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate will be available. M.O.M. recommends you BRING YOUR OWN MUG! This reduces contact exposure, reduces costs, reduces waste and reduces environmental impact.

"Think of how much it is worth to you. Think of how much this costs those performing the work. Now, think of how much you can give and comfortable not notice; to gift a little bit more."

Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies

Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate 

 $2 each.

Call NUC at 519-863-3637 to place an order. 

 Pick up or drop off available. 

Vista Gift Card Program

An ongoing gift card fundraiser for the Summer Camp Program.

Cards make an easy & perfect gift for others and yourself! Use your cards anywhere such as grocery/gas, retail, restaurants etc. and since some stores and business are not accepting cash or prefer cards, this makes shopping a little more convenient. Contact Diane Tribe at 226-228-2788 and receive a form of the list and arrange ordering. Thank you from the Summer Camp Committee.

Next Vista order is Sunday, July 3,  2022

Forms are available by contacting the church office.