Fundraising Events for NUC

Faithful Footprints at Norwich United Church.

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate is available during Sunday morning services. To reduce cost,  waste and environmental impact,  bringing your own mug is appreciated .

Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies

Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate 

 $2 each.

Call NUC at 519-863-3637 to place an order. 

 Pick up or drop off available. 

Vista Gift Card Program

An ongoing gift card fundraiser for the Summer Camp Program.

Cards make an easy & perfect gift for others and yourself! Use your cards anywhere such as grocery/gas, retail, restaurants etc. and since some stores and business are not accepting cash or prefer cards, this makes shopping a little more convenient. Contact Diane Tribe at 226-228-2788 and receive a form of the list and arrange ordering. Thank you from the Summer Camp Committee.

Next Vista order is Sunday, October 3,  2022

Forms are available by contacting the church office.