OPEN DOORS, OPEN HEARTS CELEBRATING                               GOD'S LOVE

Sunday, February 9th - Ian Bell !!

 "SING LUSTILY AND WITH GOOD COURAGE" - John Wesley, 1761: The Methodists of early Canada were a singing church. With the well-known hymns of the Wesley's and Isaac Watts, they raised the roofs of simple country meeting houses in every new settlement. By the early 1800s the singing school movement came to the province and itinerant musical "professors" taught a rough and ready harmony singing and musical theory to even the most remote backwoods congregations. Join folksinger Ian Bell and the choir of Norwich United Church as they recreate the lively sounds of singing schools, camp-meetings and early Methodist services. Much of the music will be taken from Ontario's very earliest home-grown hymnbooks. The program will also explore some of the musical folk traditions that this music has spawned in the days since. Come prepared to "sing lustily and with good courage" on Sunday, February 9th. 10:00 am.