News and Views of Oxford County United Churches

Faithful Footprints: 

Part of the Faithful Footprints program objective is to support each other to live our climate commitments. To that end, and as many of you may be aware, The United Church of Canada is part of a national ecumenical effort for Climate Justice called For the Love of Creation with 30 + national church and faith based organizations. 

  Please continue to save your Electronic waste. 

 Thank you for caring about the environment.

Computer Monitors / Computer / Mainboards / Batteries / Modems Printers/ Fax Machines / Photocopiers / TV's / Scanners /Telephones and Cell Phones / Pagers / Answering Machines / Audio/Video Players & Recorders (MP3, CD, Cassette, etc) Cameras (Web, Digital, Analog) Equalizers / Radios, Receivers, Speakers / Turntables / Video Game Consoles & Accessories / CPU's & Computer Towers Laptops and MORE!

Norwich Salvation Army Food Bank

The Salvation Army in Norwich has reopened with limited hours and donation givings. They are accepting donations in limited quantities. They are unable to accept truck loads or furniture at this time.

Please drop off at the back door and ring the bell during store hours: Wed-Fri 11am-4pm and Sat 10am-3pm

The Salvation Army, Norwich, would like to thank everyone for the continued support.

If you would like to help the Norwich Salvation Army, mail a cheque to: 

Norwich Salvation Army, P.O. Box 1129 Norwich ON N0J 1P0. 

You've got mail? 

Used Stamps: Please save your USED stamps from your mail. These are forwarded to the Canadian Bible Society. Stamps collected from donations across Canada are combined to create charity boxes and are sold to stamp collectors and vendors. The revenue generated from the stamps allow CBS to purchase KEY Freedom Bibles for the Canadian prison ministry. 10lbs of stamps = approx. 5 bibles for distribution. Cut out the stamp leaving a ΒΌ inch border around the entire stamp. Christmas mail is a great opportunity. *Note- NO pre-stamped mail (ink type) can be used.

Norwich Foodland Grocery Tapes

Foodland Tapes:  saving your Norwich Foodland  grocery tapes earns $1.00 per $450 worth of tapes & it all adds up! This money is used to buy supplies for the church kitchen such as cleaning supplies and utensils etc. $325.42 was generated in 2020.  Please continue to save Norwich Foodland tapes, thank you.

Essentials: is a UCOC resource and tips for congregations and church members and are available on our COVID-19 page, including information on reopening churches, congregational finances, online worship and more. Find this at