OPEN DOORS, OPEN HEARTS CELEBRATING                               GOD'S LOVE

 NUC is taking it day by day. 

For support please call 519-863-3637 

You can find us on facebook for more information and inspiration!  

When NUC reopens, we will be able to gather E - Waste.  Please continue to save your Electronic waste. 

 Thank you for caring about the environment.

Computer Monitors / Computer / Mainboards / Batteries / Modems Printers/ Fax Machines / Photocopiers / TV's / Scanners /Telephones and Cell Phones / Pagers / Answering Machines / Audio/Video Players & Recorders (MP3, CD, Cassette, etc) Cameras (Web, Digital, Analog) Equalizers / Radios, Receivers, Speakers / Turntables / Video Game Consoles & Accessories / CPU's & Computer Towers Laptops and MORE!

Sunday School

NUC Sunday School and Messy Church families continue to support SCAW during Covid. Each bedkit is $35 and makes a meaningful gift those celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and memorials. 

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 Impact to Sleeping Children

As our focus is the safety of the children, their caregivers, and our volunteer teams both in Canada and in other countries, all upcoming bedkit distributions have been postponed, based on the current Canadian government travel advisory to avoid non-essential travel.

The photo(s) of the children who will receive your donated bedkit(s) will be delayed until we are able to resume bedkit distributions. We guarantee that 100% of your bedkit donation will be held securely.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

Sleeping Children Around the World (or SCAW) 28 Pinehurst Cres. Toronto ON M9A 3A5

You've got mail? 

Used Stamps: Please save your USED stamps from your mail. These are forwarded to the Canadian Bible Society. Stamps collected from donations across Canada are combined to create charity boxes and are sold to stamp collectors and vendors. The revenue generated from the stamps allow CBS to purchase KEY Freedom Bibles for the Canadian prison ministry. 10lbs of stamps = approx. 5 bibles for distribution. Cut out the stamp leaving a ΒΌ inch border around the entire stamp. Christmas mail is a great opportunity. *Note- NO pre-stamped mail (ink type) can be used.

Norwich Foodland Grocery Tapes

Foodland Tapes:  saving your Norwich Foodland  grocery tapes earns $1.00 per $450 worth of tapes & it all adds up! This money is used to buy supplies for the church kitchen such as cleaning supplies and utensils etc.