Our Summer Day Camps are a big part of the summer for a lot of the kids in Norwich & surrounding areas.  It was a difficult decision to hold this years camp, virtually.  

Stay tuned to see how kids will be able to participate! 

  Find activities for the children at www.nuccamp.com  or on the Summer Camp Facebook page. 

Thank you to all the camp supporters! You made it possible. 

                  NUC Summer Camp Fundraiser -    Vista  - Sunday, Sept 6, 2020 

                       Contact the office for a detailed list of service providers. 

What is Vista? It is a fundraising program using gift/purchase cards that you would use for everyday shopping such as gas, grocery, retail stores, restaurants etc.

It's convenient & makes a great gift idea for others. Each retailer gives a certain % on a gift card which is given to the fundraising organization, in this case the Summer Camp Program. 

The NUC Summer Camp Program has a cookbook for sale with over 400 recipes! - only $10. These make nice gifts.

Address: NUC Summer Camp Program
80 Main St. W Box 183, Norwich ON     N0J 1P0